Nuru procedure

Our masseuses are very beautiful girls, who graduated many courses, so they can offer you really perfectservices. They very well know where to touch you and how to bring pleasure. Don´t be afraid of new experience, because it can only help you. Your body will only relax in very nice salon during original erotic massage. There is for example nuru procedure that will surprise you. First you will choose girl, who is really attractive for you. She will come to your room and take clothes off. This type is body to body. It means that the girl is naked and she uses her body like an instrument for whole procedure.

Your body will relax

It is very important that you body have time for relaxation, so it means that your mind can be cleaned from daily worries and problems.  And do you have also other choices? Yes, we prepare a long list for you, so you can enjoy other procedures. For example classic erotic procedure, when you can enjoy perfect massage, but there will be erotic elements in the end. Girl will wear only sexy underwear that will bring you very nice feelings and pleasure.